Swedish $80/60m, $120/90m

The Swedish style massage is a rejuvenating body massage that integrates light to medium pressure. This type of massage is good for increasing circulation, promoting relaxation, and easing tension.**Office special only, standard with all discounted appointments (Promo, Groupon etc.). 


Deep Tissue $100/60m, $140/90m

This service is a therapeutic massage meant to ease the aches and pains of life. With a combination of techniques your therapist will break down knots and adhesions in your muscles to address chronic pains and provide body maintenance or rehabilitation.


Couples Massage $220/60m, $320/90m

Enjoy champagne and strawberries prior to a side-by-side massage. This romantic environment is a great way to bond with a significant other or a friend.


Hot Stone $100/60m, $140/90m

Heated stones are used along with traditional massage techniques to melt away stress, increase relaxation and restore balance.


What is included in the session time?

A session consists of massage, time for you to dress and undress, and time to communicate with the therapist to make your massage truly customized.



Upon completion of your massage service you will be offered a discount if you prepay for your next service.  This is called a "rebook". Rebooks purchased after October 1, 2015 expire after 6 months.  Rebooks purchased before October 1, 2015 expire after 1 year.  Our fee for reactivation of an expired rebook is $30 per person.  It is your responsibility to schedule and redeem your prepaid rebooks within the time that they are active.  We appreciate your understanding that we are a small business - not a bank - and prepaid services are not active indefinitely.  Thank you:)  




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