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A (Very) Brief History of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Throughout history, man has sought to interpret the human body and its functions, as well as understand disease and how it affects the physical system.  For over 5000 years, practitioners of Chinese Medicine have interpreted the signs and symptoms of disease and discovered the means to treat afflictions of the mind, body, and spirit.  Through the application of herbs, massage, exercise, diet augmentation, and, most importantly, acupuncture, these ancient doctors have been managing modern disease such as diabetes, stroke, and mental ailments as well as creating an accelerated means of trauma rehabilitation. 


How do I know if Acupuncture Will Help Me?

 Many people ask, "What can Acupuncture Help with?"  A better question to ask is what can’t Acupuncture help with?  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been demonstrated to improve:

Injury / Trauma

Chronic / Acute Pain


Anxiety / Stress

Mental Acuity

Energy Levels

Reproductive Issues

Women’s Health Concerns

Digestive Ailments

Stroke Prevention / Recovery

Post-Surgery Recovery

Substance Abuse

Much, much more



 Cupping is an ancient medical practice that involves the application of glass cups to the skin after evacuating the air by use of a small flame or a suction pump. It is believed that the application of these cups moves stagnant blood and toxins from the muscle tissues and interstitial spaces and back into the body’s circulation where they may be processed and excreted. From a western aspect, it is an excellent modality for facilitating myofascial release. A word of caution: Fire Cupping is likely to leave a tell-tale circular discoloration upon the skin.