Gali Yoga

At Whole Body we believe that physical and mental fitness are imperative to a healthy lifestyle. Far beyond the typical class formats commonly seen, our Yoga process is personalized and begins with whatever level you are the moment you step onto your mat. The benefits of greater flexibility, balance, strength, mindfulness, energy, peace and joy, all combine to provide an exercise experience that integrates a way of life.


the benefits of yoga & Meditation:

  • Improved balance, flexibility and strength
  • Increased energy levels and decreased stress
  • Improved focus, concentration and ability to breath
  • Improved posture and spinal alignment
  • Increased bone density and joint range of motion
  • Improved mood- finding yourself happy and joyful
  • Improved self-confidence and self- acceptance
  • A higher awareness and understanding of the body, mind, and breathe

The Classes


All of our classes are tailored to any level and age, and emphasize correct alignment of postures

(Asanas), combine breathing techniques (e.g. Ujai, Pranayama, Kriya), and tailored to Your needs and limitations. 

Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga sessions gives you the opportunity to experience yoga in a safe and personal way.  For each session, we will tailor and create a specific practice designed to help you meet your goals.  You will be provided with guidance and adjustments while receiving the full attention and care from your instructor.  Private sessions are taught at our beautifully Zen studio or at the convenience of your home.  

If you are a beginner, we will focus on the basics, such as establishing the right foundation, proper alignment and breathing; allowing you to gain confidence as you begin your yoga practice.

If you are an experienced yogi, we will focus on deepening and strengthening your practice with advanced poses, breath work and different meditation techniques.  We can delve into the philosophy of yoga or create a home practice, depending on your interests.

If you are injured or dealing with a health condition, our focus would be therapeutic yoga to promote healing.  Yoga is for everyone and can be adapted to meet your needs as you get in touch with your body as it is today, while reducing pain and suffering and improving your quality of life .

small group classes: 

By keeping class size to a maximum of 5 students, you will not be lost in a crowd of yogis wondering if you are doing the poses right. You will be personally guided, and assisted to insure correct alignment, and modified poses according to your needs and limitations. 

Corporate Wellness 

Why yoga in the workplace?  Corporate yoga classes provide relaxation, stress management and fitness which enhances the well-being of your staff.  Your employees will combat stress, connect with colleagues in a fun, relaxed setting and improve their physical and mental health through yoga.  Happy, healthy employees add immeasurable value to your business.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for your Employees:  Reduces stress, muscle tension, fatigue; Reduces neck, back and shoulder pain while improving posture and flexibility; Increases energy and focus; Improves performance, motivation and morale.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for your Business: Lowers your healthcare costs by decreasing frequency and duration of absenteeism; Improves your staffs decision making skills and the ability to multi-task; Increases their efficiency, creativity and productivity; Reduces job turnover, burnouts, and increases job satisfaction.

We make it very easy for you to offer yoga at your workplace.  If you have a health/fitness center we can hold class there or in a large open space such as a conference room.  Everyone can attend because it will be designed for all levels of fitness/experience. 

About Our Instructor

Gali is a certified and registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 300). She was trained in Dharamshala, India, and received her Bachelors of

Science in Psychology and Neuroscience from San Jose State University, CA. She teaches in multi-style approach in studios, 

fitness centers, pain management clinics, schools, universities, and private sessions. 

"Everyone can practice yoga to strengthen the body, and focus the mind. If you can breathe, you can enjoy Yoga."


Gali Yoga





  • Small Group Classes: 4 students per group

            20.00/1 hr class/ student


           145.00/ 2 month




In every Mini Yoga class we learn yoga through stories, games, arts & crafts, play, and lots of imagination.
Yoga classes are available in our studio, after-school programs, and private events. For children age 3 and up.  




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