Gali Yoga

At Whole Body we believe that physical and mental fitness are imperative to a healthy lifestyle. Far beyond the typical class formats commonly seen, our Yoga process is personalized and begins with whatever level you are the moment you step onto your mat. The benefits of greater flexibility, balance, strength, mindfulness, energy, peace and joy, all combine to provide an exercise experience that integrates a way of life.


the benefits of yoga & Meditation:

  • Improved balance, flexibility and strength

  • Increased energy levels and decreased stress

  • Improved focus, concentration and ability to breath

  • Improved posture and spinal alignment

  • Increased bone density and joint range of motion

  • Improved mood- finding yourself happy and joyful

  • Improved self-confidence and self- acceptance

  • A higher awareness and understanding of the body, mind, and breathe

The Classes


All of our classes are tailored to any level and age, and emphasize correct alignment of postures

(Asanas), combine breathing techniques (e.g. Ujai, Pranayama, Kriya), and tailored to Your needs and limitations. 

About Our Instructor

Gali is a certified and registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 300). She was trained in Dharamshala, India, and received her Bachelors of

Science in Psychology and Neuroscience from San Jose State University, CA. She teaches in multi-style approach in studios, 

fitness centers, pain management clinics, schools, universities, and private sessions. 

"Everyone can practice yoga to strengthen the body, and focus the mind. If you can breathe, you can enjoy Yoga."






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