DR. DREW MCCLURE IS LITERALLY THE BEST CHIROPRACTIC DOCTOR I'VE HAD IN 18 YEARS OF HAVING BACK PAIN. When you're a kid, you're invincible. My back issues first started at 16 when I fell backwards on a quarter-pipe and became a problem when I was 18 doing factory work for a quick buck. I've tried heat therapy, hot yoga, and practice diligent ergonomic hygiene. Since first coming to to Bay in 2008, I've been to at least 12 chiropractors, only after enduring weeks of pain until it gets too much to bear. Dr. McClure is the first doctor to make me WANT to schedule another appointment. The first one was a lot of intake and assessment to get a good understanding of my pain and issues, and everything after that has been nothing short of MIRACLE WORK. I legit don't know whether to cry or laugh when I'm getting adjusted. The best thing I feel like I can say is that I TRUST HIM and his ability to get me to a point where I feel better than I knew I could. THANK YOU DR. MCCLURE! (*I'm not paid or incentivized, just immensely happy)

Jordan J., San Francisco, CA

The staff here is so friendly. They accept all kind of insurance including kaiser, which was a plus. Our first appointment was very much pleasant. Dr. Russell saw both me and my wife and took the time to address all our issues. He was personable and thorough throughout the process.

Dynaton T., San Jose, CA

When you've seriously twerked up your back, Drew McClure is seriously good at untwerking it. This man has all kinds of juju for necks, knees and whatever else you've abused too. I wasn't really sure about chiropractic 
pre-Drew to be totally honest. I'd done very well seeing an osteopath in the past and was nervous. But Drew put me at ease, gave me a good overview of what I could and couldn't expect from treatment, and delivered immediate improvements to my functionality and pain level. He's also a genuinely nice human. Definitely give it a whirl. :)

Alex W., Palo Alto, CA

My husband and I have been going to them since they were by valley fair mall. Started with a groupon but due to the services provided and the staff we have continued to come back. Between the easy scheduling or changing appointments they make you feel comfortable about scheduling when you are free. They even looked to see if my insurance would take care of part of my chiropractic and massage needs. And since than have used both services. Every massage therapist we have had is professional and personable. Always feel comfortable being in there care. As well as the Doctors doing the chiropractic adjustments. We will keep coming back and looking for are next massage in April.

Crystal M., San Jose, CA


I took my boyfriend here for a couples massage with Champagne and strawberries for his birthday. The staff was very friendly and they did a great job being attentive to our problem areas and preferences. They also have lots of great upgrades for $20 each. Overall had a great relaxing time and would recommend.

Sophia M., Alhambra, CA


I was in an accident and the people at whole body chiropractic and massage ,are so professional so talented ,all the doctors help me to feel like new again myself,   exceptional people they're they are, caring and gentle. The receptionist or caring they're thoughtful and will work with you to get you the right schedule. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone that wants to have a healthy body.

William G., San Jose, CA 


The staff on the phone and in the front office amazingly accommodated my crazy busy schedule. 
In excruciating pain and scared to have any adjustments at first, still Dr. Russell made me feel comfortable, reassured and I just simply felt so much better afterwards! He educated and advised me on continued treatment and rehab, which helps my lower back sciatic flare ups and knee injury. The new facility looks great and even bigger from the first office I saw him at. Provided comfortable clothes and easy listening music to relax to during his treatment. I'd tell all my fam and friends about him... but they already know he's the best!

Lindsay O., Union City, CA


Hi Dr. Drew, Today I woke up NOT wracked in pain for the first time in about 14 years.  Thank you!!!  I’m so happy Jotika recommended you.  You have no idea.  Attached is the MRI.  Enjoy!

Emmer, J. San Jose, CA


"I followed Dr. Drew McClure him from his previous location because his extremity adjustments are amazing. I do a lot of work with my hands so it's important I get wrist work often.  One day I needed to come in when Dr. McClure wasn't available. I saw Dr. Russ instead and was impressed as well. His adjustments were smooth and I was never uncomfortable.  Highly recommend."  

Jane Lan E., Lawndale, CA


"I have seen a few chiropractors before. Dr. Russell and Dr. Drew certainly earn my respect and medical need. Also, I like their integrity of conducting clean business practice. They totally deserve their own business. Massage therapists are truly gifted as well."

Szepak C., Santa Clara, CA


"Excellent chiropractic from Doctors Russell and Drew. Excellent massage therapy from all the massage therapists. The team keeps me in shape for marathons and triathlons!"

John B., San Jose, CA


"The entire staff at Whole Body is friendly and professional. I get great adjustments from Dr. Drew and Shawna is amazing for massage. I'm always able to get appointments that are convenient for me, which is huge. No complaints from me, I'm glad I found this awesome practice."

Jenn K., San Jose, CA


"Got the couple's massage off groupon here. Everything was a pleasant experience from start to finish. 
Massage therapist Megan was EXCELLENT. Normally I prefer harder massages, but there is a difference between a painful hard massage and a 'hurts so good' massage, and Megan was able to expertly tread on the latter. I ended up going home and conking out for an hour, despite a decent night's rest, which is (for me) usually a great indication of a relaxing tissue massage."

Justine S., Saratoga, CA

I was referred to Whole Body by a few coworkers of mine after I had gotten into a car accident. The scheduling process is nice and easy. They really work with your schedule and are super professional. 

Dr. Drew, Karina and the whole office is the best. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I'm glad I chose Whole Body for the first time. The whiplash I had in my neck area was my main concern but Dr. Drew made sure to do a whole body adjustment, along with providing some great information on how to keep myself feeling comfortable. I've had about 4 visits so far and the concern of their office for my well being is overwhelming. Overall a great experience, and my body is feeling great!

Vera C., San Jose, CA

My husband and I bought a Groupon for the 90 min couples massage with strawberries and champagne. The appointment was easy to make with flexible availability. April was my massage therapist and she was amazing! Before we started, I let her know I had a slight cough and would occasionally need to stop. She was really patient and understanding. She worked on my whole body for a Swedish massage with just the right amount of pressure. I was so comfortable I fell asleep and that's how you know that your therapist is really good. 

My husband got Kyungho as his massage therapist and he had upgraded his massage to a deep tissue. My husband thought it was equally fantastic with good pressure. Both massage therapists were professional and experienced, and my husband and I both told each other how it was one of the best and most detailed massages we ever had. 

I would definitely recommend this place and I will come back soon. I felt terrible for coughing so much when I had to switch from lying on my front side to my back, but April was really nice about it and didn't make me feel bad at all. Thanks Whole Body, we loved the couples massage with the strawberries and champagne! Would definitely do again!

Bickie C, Cupertino, CA


Being a college student equals long days & nights studying, causing my neck & back to ache. Dr. Russell is a miracle worker & the staff is very nice & professional.

Cindy L., San Jose, CA